Bridgman Drawing Bootcamp — Anatomy, Form, Gesture, and More...

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In July 2020, I commandeered an online Bridgman Bootcamp. 24 hours of instruction. Some suffered. Many learned. And a small few paid for an extra eighteen hours of aid, comfort, and feedback on their work.

It was a good summer course, but not all it could be without adding some extra goods. Hence, this set of recordings we call Bridgeman 1.0 which includes the best of what was in those sessions — and then some.

I released them on my YouTube channel to the public (with commercials), but if you want to help me offer more videos, you can purchase them here to stream or download for $32. That's $2 per hour of content, commercial-free and at the highest res available.

Part One: Bridgman Basics

Session 1 [1 hour 19 minutes]: 

  • Intro to How to Draw the Figure
  • Overview of the Course

Session 2 [1 hour 22 minutes]

  • Proportions of the Figure
  • Simple Shape Studies

Session 3 [1 hour 27 minutes]

  • Thickening the Figure
  • Form Studies

Part Two: Bridgman Developed

Session 4 [1 hour 47 minutes]

  • Balance and Rhythm
  • Poses and Gesture

Session 5 [1 hour 13 minutes]

  • The Varied Skills
  • Right-Angle Studies

Session 6 [1 hour 26 minutes]

  • Rhythm
  • Flash Poses
  • Metaphors from Nature

Part Three: Bridgman Forms & Functions

Session 7 [1 hour 53 minutes]

  • Wedging, Passing, Locking
  • Light and Shade
  • Neck and Head Structure

Session 8 [1 hour 31 minutes]

  • Skeletal Foundations
  • Bones as Forms

Session 9 [1 hour 33 minutes]

  • Body as Machine
  • Bones and Muscles

Part Four: Bridgman Anatomy & Beyond

Session 10 [1 hour 48 minutes]

  • Hip Joint
  • Leg Muscles and Forms

Session 11 [1 hour 33 minutes]

  • Shoulder Mechanism
  • Arm Muscles and Forms

Session 12 [1 hour 48 minutes]

  • Hands and Feet
  • Bridgman in Context

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You will get over 18 hours of videos including lectures, suggested assignments, and feedback on the work of students who attended..

Here are some endorsements from past students of my Human Anatomy classes:
“In twenty-odd hours I learned more about human anatomy in Marshall’s class than I was able to learn on my own in thirty-five years as a self-taught artist.”
—Bernie Wrightson
“Marshall Vandruff’s teaching is inspiring and refreshing. I had been avoiding classrooms until Marshall offered his anatomy class. The subject was something I always wanted to concentrate on but I hadn’t the time for personal study and school had become such a nasty word. Marshall made the school experience intense, enjoyable and educational once again.”
—Drew Struzan
“Marshall Vandruff’s detailed, insightful, and comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy enthusiastically boils, overflows, and fills the classroom. I would like to take this class about a hundred times.”
—Charles Lynn Bragg
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Bridgman Drawing Bootcamp — Anatomy, Form, Gesture, and More...

4 ratings
I want this!